Rubez Chong

Civic Technologist // UX Designer

Rubez is a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab, Center for Civic Media. Her work sits at the intersection of civic technology, ux design, and design ethnography. She is currently working on developing subversive experiences and interventions to audio-based surveillance technologies.

Prior to joining the MIT Media Lab, she worked in the fields of ux design, design and tech consulting, and international development. Her ethnographic work has brought her across the globe; Singapore - Norway - United States - Chile - Israel.

Rubez believes that design is the art of creative problem-solving. She aims to use design and ethnography to deploy technologies that promise a more meaningfully connected world, build products that remind us of our humanity and creativity, and create immersive experiences that challenge us to expand our moral universe – to be kind, empathetic, and compassionate.

When she’s not prototyping, you can find her hiking a mountain, tucked away reading poetry, or simply sitting and watching the world go by.


Design Philosophies

Design for

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Human biases are very often seen in the designs we create. I aim to re-center inclusivity in my design process; create designs for peoples of differing abilities, socio-economic classes, and racial structures.

Design for Social Change

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I view design as a tool for social change, not an end in itself. Design can be harnessed to create a safer, kinder, and more equal world.

UX ≠ Linear Process

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In fact, it is a beautiful mess of a process. I believe the best innovations are developed through multiple rounds of re-ideating, re-solutionizing, and re-iterating of our designs.

UX = Continuous Learning


Growth comes from a perpetual openness to learn and the exploration of new ideas. For me, design is the art of continuous learning.


Design Skillsets

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User Research & Insights.  Design Ethnography.  Project Management.  Interaction Design.  Responsive Web Design.  Design Strategy.


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